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About Us


Les Chandelles means candles.

A burning candle is a ritual, it is fire. It is a sign of hope, it is a sign of latency.

A lit candle is light; It is power, it is sensuality and it is a symbol of strength, of a subtle, but undeniable force. The fire of a single candle can burn entire cities but it can also be used to give light to the most intimate.

That is us. Les Chandelles are the ones that shine, that burn, those with the fire within and that we know how to use it. We are as sensual and discreet as a candle on a book, but as full of life and strength as the fire itself. We are the hot wax, and we are also a candlewick waiting to be lit.

Lingerie is our means of expression, it is our way of life. It is our contained heat or our pure and uncontrolled fire. We can wear lingerie for ourselves or we can wear it for someone else, but it will always be with a feeling of inner strength.

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